FAST DEBT RELIEF is what you will get from Attorney Tomal.  Attorney Tomal will explain the bankruptcy process to you, represent you in court and he will get you the financial relief you need.  We can file your case the same day you meet with Attorney Tomal.  If you are in debt and considering filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Lansing, MI or the greater Lansing Michigan area, Attorney Tomal can help you. 

Lansing Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Tomal understands that confidentiality and an affordable price is of paramount importance.  Attorney Tomal can get you fast debt relief at an affordable cost.

— DISCHARGES most, if not all, of your debt
— ELIMINATES all your credit card debt and doctor bills
— ELIMINATES Judgments against you
— ELIMINATES loans you cosigned for
— STOPS Law suits against you
— STOPS those annoying phone calls
— STOPS garnishments
— STOPS home foreclosure
— STOPS car repossession
— ALLOWS you to start a new life
— ALLOWS you to keep your home, car and assets!

The purpose of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to allow a person or married couple a fresh start, free from debt and free from creditors.  A discharge permanently prohibits creditors from attempting to collect those debts which are listed by the debtor in his or her schedules.  However, some debts are non-dischargeble, such as certain tax obligations, student loans, alimony and child support to name just a few.  You are allowed to keep any asset, such as a home, a car, furniture, etc., so long as there is not too much equity in the asset and you keep current on the monthly payments.

Attorney Tomal has a 20 minute office conference with you and gathers basic information to enable him to file your case.  Attorney Tomal will review your assets and debts and then file your Bankruptcy Petition with the court. 

A husband and wife can file together or one spouse can file individually.  Just because you are married does not mean both a husband and wife have to file a bankruptcy case.  A husband and wife have to file together only if both of their names appear on enough debt to justify filing the case.  The fact that you are married has nothing to do with whether both a husband and wife have to file — it’s whether the husband’s or wife’s name is on that particular debt not whether you are married.  A husband and wife living in separate households can file separately — they don’t have to file jointly.  Joint petitioners only have to pay one filing fee, which is $306.

As soon as you file your case, which is done online through the court’s website, your creditors generally cannot take any further action against you.  For example, the filing of your case “automatically stops” creditors from further garnishments, law suits, repossessions, phone calls, etc.

About 30 days after you file your case, you will have to attend one hearing (a  Creditor’s Meeting) before a Bankruptcy Trustee — you do not go before a judge.  Generally, not a single creditor will show up — it will only be you, the Trustee and Attorney Tomal who is present for the hearing.  With Attorney Tomal at your side, this hearing usually lasts 5 minutes.  About 3 months after your hearing you will be relieved of all of your debt listed on your bankruptcy schedules.

Stop paying those bills today!  Call for a free confidential appointment 517-323-9340 with Attorney Tomal.  In case of emergency, contact Attorney Tomal at 517-230-4080.

Attorney Tomal is aggressive, affordable, experienced and he gets results.

Attorney Eric X. Tomal
Tomal & Dudley, P.C.
4112 W. Saint Joe Hwy.
Lansing, MI 48917

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4 thoughts on “Bankruptcy

  1. I am recently separated from my husband and about to go though a divorce. I would like to have a fresh start. I have a loan for about $5000 and some medical bills I need to rid of. So its about $9000 in debt. How much will it cost me in total for a bankruptcy?

  2. I’m a single mom of two kids working at Walmart. Needing to file chapter 7 asap! I’ve got 2 car repos, credit cards, medical bills, and other basic bills. I got a summons to court and can’t afford this. Trying to find out how much it cost to file. Thank you.

    • Atty fee is $750, plus filing fee. I accept payments. Call me if you would like to talk. You should probably file as soon as you are able. Thank you.


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